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MUSIKBI the first download site via SMS from SENEGAL

A platform adapted to African realities.

How does it work ?

By SMS (Senegal Only),

  1. Buy music via text message by sending the code for your selection to the short number shown.
  2. Your MusikBi account will be automatically created when we receive your first message.
  3. You will receive a text message containing your login information.
  4. Every time you make a purchase, you will receive a non-reusable link allowing you to download the content you bought.
  5. Download the music yourself or send the link to a friend.

    By E-Money,

  1. Buy Credit
  2. Your MusikBi account will be created automatically.
  3. You will receive an Email or a Text Message, containing your sign-in information.
  4. Sign in and use your MusikBi credit. You can:
    • Download music at the prices shown
    • Purchase concert tickets covered by TicketBi
    • And pay for any other services on the MusikBi and TicketBi platforms.

For any assistance you may require, please write to contact@musikbi.com or call +221 77 392 40 25